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    At the core of our practice, Ishfaq Lab continues to develop a wide range of service options including individually devised and customized service choices. See our A-Z test index and profiles, allergy profiles, latest tests, request forms and sample requirements online. We offer full commitment to customer service and we are keen to continue developing strong working relationships providing help and support to referring doctors and their practices.

    The laboratory is staffed by a highly qualified team and participates in a number of quality control schemes. Many of our tests require expensive high-tech instrumentation and are not normally available at other pathology laboratories. Routine pathology investigations and allergy tests are referred to other laboratories.

No.Test CodesCodesTest NamesTest RatesSamplesPerfumedReporting
13072701ANA (Anti Nuclear Antibody)500   
241620335317-Hydroxy Corticosteroids2500   
3416037894617-Hydroxy Progesterone (OHP)3300   
4532480817-Ketosteroids (24 Hrs Urine)3300   
51135608924 Hrs Urinary Phosphate350   
640241225 Hiaa (24 Hrs Urine)3500   
811136056A/G Ratio300   
9415688125Abdominal Fluid For C/E1200   
10415438096Abdominal Fluid For Cytology1500   
11415168082Abdominal Fluid For AFB C/S2500   
12414668032Abdominal Fluid For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
13415158081Abdominal Fluid For C/S1500   
14414918057Abdominal Fluid For Gram Stain350   
1541706396ABGS (Arterial Blood Gases)1200   
168341254Absolute Eosinophil Count300   
17415378093Absolute Neutrophil Count300   
181261357Absolute Neutrophil Count300   
191291360Absolute Values/Cell Counts300   
203112705Acid Phosphate2000   
21418033831ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic Hormo)6000   
22417544195Adenosine Deaminase (ADA) (CSF)5000   
23417534194Adenosine Deaminase (ADA) (FLUID)5000   
24417184236Adenosine Deaminase (ADA) (Serum)5000   
26415968201AFB C/S2500   
2780912AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
288235601AFB Stian (3 Days Sputum)900   
291821513Albumin (24 Hrs Urine)200   
3011116054Albumin (serum)150   
311811512Albumin Urine (Spot / Random)200   
334404171Aldosterone Level (Serum)3000   
341741505Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)200   
355334810Alpha Anti Trypsin (Blood)1900   
364674300Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP)2000   
378121805Alpha HBDH900   
382091710Ammonia (NH3)1200   
3998743Amphetamines (urine)1500   
4198844Amylase (24Hrs Urine)500   
42121103Amylase (Fluid)500   
4398945Amylase Urine (Spot / Random)500   
444159798658Anaerobic Culture C/S1500   
455435017ANCA - C4000   
465425016ANCA - P4000   
475665040Androgen Level3000   
484204150Androstenidione Level2500   
494159878945Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Level3000   
50417882721Anion Gap (Serum)1500   
514214151Anti Cardiolipin IgG3000   
524224152Anti Cardiolipin IgM3000   
53814101Anti CCP (Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide)1200   
54416073102Anti Centromers Anti Bodies2250   
551561422Anti Chikungunya Virus (IgG,IgM)1800   
56417728284Anti Cholinestrase Ab2900   
57416093133Anti Delta Virus1400   
58416933840Anti Delta Virus AKUH2650   
595304805Anti ds DNA1800   
605695043Anti Endomysial Abs3000   
618175000Anti Endomysial IgA2500   
628711622Anti Endomysial IgG2500   
6310592354Anti Endomysial IgM2500   
64415748175Anti Epstein Barr Virus IgG (EBV)2800   
658775575Anti Epstein Barr Virus IgM (EBV)2800   
668503332Anti GBM (Anti Glomerular Basement Membrane)3000   
675925066Anti Gliadin IgA1800   
6810642360Anti Gliadin IgM1800   
698043000Anti H,pylori Antibodies (ICT)350   
704514204Anti HBc (ICT)500   
715455019Anti Hbc IgG1800   
724524205Anti Hbc IgM1800   
734544207Anti HBe1500   
74416763720Anti HBe (ICT)500   
754654225Anti HBs1300   
767104232Anti HBs (ICT)500   
774504203Anti HBs/HBV3000   
784554208Anti HCV1000   
798034511ANTI HCV (Screening)300   
804564209Anti HDV1700   
81415925590Anti Helicobacter pylori IgA1800   
828934628Anti Helicobacter pylori IgG1800   
838615563Anti Helicobacter pylori IgM1800   
844574210Anti HEV IgG2000   
854614214Anti HEV IgM2000   
864584211Anti HIV - 1 & 21000   
878294219Anti HIV - 1 & 2 (ICT)400   
88417868387Anti LKM (Anti Liver Kidney Microsomal Antibody)2200   
894064126Anti Mitochondrial Antibody (AMA)2000   
90417073813Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH)5500   
914144137Anti Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies6500   
92418454816Anti Nuclear Antibody (ANA) by Immunofluorescence2500   
935645038Anti Phospholipid IgG2500   
945655039Anti Phospholipid IgM2500   
956117003Anti Reticular Antibodies2500   
965475021Anti Scl-702500   
974074127Anti Smooth Muscle Abs (ASMA)2000   
985465020Anti Sperm Antibodies2200   
99416213355Anti SS-A2200   
1001191350Anti Thrombin-III4000   
1015575031Anti Thyroglobulin Antibodies (Tg)2000   
1028555557Anti Tissue Transglutaminase IgA (TGA)1800   
1038585560Anti Tissue Transglutaminase IgG (TGA)1800   
1047004177Anti Tissue Transglutaminase IgM (TGA)1800   
105881306APTT (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time)400   
1062352207Ascitic Fluid For Cytology1500   
1072272201Ascitic Fluid C/E1200   
108931132Ascitic Fluid For C/S1500   
109414928058Ascitic Fluid For AFB C/S2500   
110414458011Ascitic Fluid For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
111414698035Ascitic Fluid For Gram Stain350   
112417834444Ascitic Fluid for Triglycerides200   
1133323405ASO Titre900   
1145755049Aspergillus (galactomannan) Antigen1200   
115551212Aspirate / Fluid for Giardia1500   
116415498103Aspirate For C/S1500   
11899551Barbiturates (Urine)1500   
1196251615Basic Metabolic Panel (Bmp)2200   
120419064643BCR-ABL by PCR18000   
1215284803Bence Jones Protein (24 Hrs Urine)1000   
122111102Bence Jones Protein (Urine)800   
123151106Benzodiazepines (Urine)1500   
1244704303Beta HCG900   
1254764309Beta HCG (Male)900   
126417921527Bicarbonates (Fluid)500   
127417153894Bicarbonates (HCO3)500   
128417901736Bicarbonates Urine (Spot / Random)1000   
1299738008Bile Pigment100   
1309748009Bile Salt100   
1311711502Bilirubin Direct150   
1321831514Bilirubin Indirect200   
13311066048Bilirubin Total150   
1343413500Biopsy (Large) 13500   
13510003539Biopsy (Medium) 12500   
13643560Biopsy (Small) 12000   
1371141345Bleeding Time100   
1388491014Block For Review1500   
13981300Blood C/E (CBC)300   
140417393890Blood C/S for Aerobic2000   
141417403889Blood C/S for Anaerobic2000   
1423192801Blood Cross Match With Elisa1800   
1438731624Blood Cross Match With Screening1500   
1441101330Blood Film For Filariasis800   
145931312Blood For C/S (Aerobic & Anaerobic)4000   
1464137433333Blood Group & Cross Match (Donor500   
1473182800Blood Group & Rh Factor80   
1481351400BLOOD SUGAR FASTING 50   
1491361401BLOOD SUGAR RANDOM50   
150414468012Body Fluid For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
151415218087Body Fluid For C/S1500   
152415228088Body Fluid For Analysis C/E1200   
153415488102Body Fluid For Cytology1500   
154414708036Body Fluid For Gram Stain350   
155417813572Bone C/S2000   
15610043543Bone Marrow (Slides For Review)1500   
15710033542Bone Marrow Biopsy (Procedure)2000   
15894131Brain Natriuretic Peptide (BNP)2500   
159414718037Bronchial Washing Fluid For Gram Stain350   
160415238089Bronchial Washing For Analysis C/E1200   
161415738145Bronchial Washing For AFB C/S2500   
162415008066Bronchial Washing For C/S1500   
1632502221Bronchial Washing For Cytology.1500   
164415728155Bronchial Washing For Fungal stain1000   
165414478014Bronchial Wasing For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
166420011515151BRUCELLA ABORTUS250   
1673052600Brucella IgG800   
168418542601Brucella IgM800   
169420131515152BRUCELLA MELITENSIS250   
170419208199Brush Cytology (CBD)1500   
1711861602BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen)150   
17210051625BUN / Creatinine Ratio300   
1734864407C 2 Monitring6000   
1743142709C Peptide Level2500   
175416443703C Peptide Urine2500   
1764954600C3 (Complement Level 3)1200   
1774964601C4 (Complement Level 4)1200   
1784694302CA 1252000   
179415268092CA 15-33000   
183417931528Calcium (Fluid)300   
1843523508Calcium Urine (24 hrs)300   
1853643521Calcium Urine (Spot / Random)300   
18610063529Calcium/Creatinine Ratio500   
187419195095Calprotectin (Stool)4000   
18841966515512Candida Albicans Antibody2200   
18910073530Cannabinoids (Urine)1800   
1904804401Carbamazepine (Tegretol)1800   
1912101800Cardiac Enzymes2000   
192418264140Carotene Leval (Serum)2000   
19410083544Catecholamines(24Hrs Urine)7000   
196415528106Catheter Tip For C/S1500   
197415648117Catheter Tip/Folley`S Tip For C/S1500   
1989653333CBC For (Dengue)90   
2004684301CEA (Carcinoembryonic Antigen)2200   
20290610101CFU of RO Water for C/S1500   
203419394422Chem 7 Panel2200   
205417951530Chloride (Fluid)250   
2064143611071Chloride Urine (Spot / Random)250   
2089389993Chromosome Analysis (Female)18000   
209968221Chromosome Analysis (Male)18000   
2112121802CK MB800   
2121151346Clotting Time100   
213416433702CMV By PCR11500   
2145204705CMV IgG (Cytomegalovirus)1600   
2155214706CMV IgM (Cytomegalovirus)1600   
2171471413Codeine Phosphate1500   
21810103546Cold Agglutination Test1000   
219419371380Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)3000   
220416243360Conjunctival Swab Left C/S1500   
221416253361Conjunctival Swab Righ C/S1500   
2221121336Coombs Test (Direct)300   
2231131337Coombs Test (Indirect)300   
2243583514Copper (24 Hrs Urine)3000   
2252081709Copper (Serum)3000   
2263683525Copper Urine (Spot / Random)3000   
227416743565CORNIAL SCRAPING C/S1500   
2285845058Cortisol (24 Hour Urine)2000   
2293924112Cortisol (AM)2000   
2303934113Cortisol (PM)2000   
2314104130Cortisol Urine (Spot / Random)2000   
2343553511Creatinine (24 Hrs Urine)200   
2353653522Creatinine Clearance (24 Hrs)300   
2361911607Creatinine Urine (Spot / Random)300   
2373333407CRP (HIGH SENSITIVE)800   
239417623970Cryptococcal Ag1000   
240414938059CSF Fluid For AFB C/S2500   
241414728038CSF Fluid For Gram Stain350   
242414488015CSF For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
2432532224CSF For AFB C/S2500   
244928128CSF For Analysis C/E1200   
245933134CSF For C/S1500   
2462582228CSF For Cytology1500   
24710134712CSF For Herpes (HSV) IgG1800   
2485254710CSF For Herpes (HSV) IgM1800   
2495715045CSF For Lactate Level1500   
25010152314CSF For Measels IgG2000   
25110142313CSF For Measels IgM2000   
2525395013CSF For Oligloconal Bands2000   
25310182317Cvp Tip For C/S1500   
2544854406Cyclosporin Level3000   
255414558021Cystic Fluid For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
256415048070Cystic Fluid For AFB C/S2500   
257415808190Cystic Fluid For C/E1200   
258415058071Cystic Fluid For C/S1500   
259415468099Cystic Fluid For Cytology1500   
260414798045Cystic Fluid For Gram Stain350   
261416413698Cytology Report1500   
2628845551Dengue (IgG)1500   
2638825552Dengue (IgM)1500   
2646874198Dengue Ns1 Antigen1500   
265417712297Dengue RNA by PCR (Qualitative)7000   
2666884199Dengue virus (IgG , IgM) ICT500   
268416703769Dialysis Fluid For Analysis C/E1200   
270851303DLC (Differential Leukocyte Count)200   
271419043031Donor Blood Grouping80   
273417701399Dysmorphic RBC200   
274414498016Ear Swab For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
275936137Ear Swab For C/S1500   
276414738039Ear Swab For Gram Stain350   
2795134645ENA Profile6000   
280418594647ENA QUANTRIX 25 IgG5500   
2811201351Eosinophil Count200   
2821251356Eosinophil Count (Urine)300   
283418133434ER (Estrogen receptor)3000   
2848595561ER / PR6000   
2857095077Erythropoietin (EPO)6000   
286861304ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate)100   
2874180116022Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR)500   
2883984118Estradiol (E2)2000   
28910224133Estriol FREE (E3)2000   
2904114131Estriol Urine (E3)2000   
2916229999Estrogen 24 hr Urine2000   
2923493505Estrogen Serum2500   
2938884624Factor V Leiden Screening (Activated Protein C Resistance)5000   
2946097001Factor VIII Level2000   
29541600789452Factor X Level2000   
2966107002Factor Xi Level2000   
29741601789453Factor Xii Level2000   
29841602789454Factor Xiii Level2000   
299417764297Fat Globulins Urine (Spot / Random)500   
300901309FDPs ( D-Dimer)2000   
3042972259Finger Swab For C/S1500   
30541769462FLUID / ASPIRATE for CEA2300   
306415208086Fluid For AFB C/S2500   
3072512222Fluid For Analysis Bile C/E1200   
3082672236Fluid For Analysis C/E1200   
309418003402Fluid For Biochemistry1000   
310416803817Fluid for C/S1500   
311417993401Fluid For Cytology1500   
3129131154786Fluid For TLC & DLC300   
3139694650FNAC Procedure2500   
3143483504FNAC Slids2000   
3153904110Folic Acid (Folate Level)1800   
316417053812Folys Tip C/S1500   
3174784311Fractional Excretion Sodium (FENA)800   
3183894109FREE T31500   
3193864106FREE T41500   
321416343666Fungal Culture2000   
322416393668Fungal Stain1000   
32394737Fungus For Fluid1000   
324415188084Fungus For Hair1000   
325415178083Fungus For Nail1000   
326415948250Fungus For Pus1000   
327415198085Fungus For Skin Scraping200   
3281001320G6PD (Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase)800   
3293012300Gall Bladder Stone For Chamical Analysis1800   
33011196062Gamma GT300   
33110232319Gastrin Level3800   
332415908210Gauze Piece For C/S1500   
3331391404GCT (Glucose Challange Test) e 50 Gram Glucose300   
334416303622Geimsa Stain100   
335418564502Giardia Antigen Detection in Stool1500   
336417961531Glucose (Fluid)100   
3374136910102Grams Stain350   
3383954115Growth Hormone2000   
3391641431GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) e 100 Gram Glucose500   
3401381403GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) e 75 Gram Glucose500   
3424604213HAV IgG1800   
3434494202HAV IgM1500   
3444196715455HAV IgM ICT600   
3455375011Hb Electrophoresis (Blood)1800   
3465274802HbA1C (Glycosylated Hemoglobin)900   
3498024510HbsAg (Screening)200   
3505044609HBV DNA By Pcr (Qualitative)3000   
3515114617HBV DNA By Pcr (Quantitative)3500   
3521011321HCT (Hematocrit)200   
3535124621HCV Genotyping5000   
3545024607HCV RNA by PCR (Qualitative)3000   
3555054610HCV RNA by PCR (Quantitative)3500   
3565064612Hcv Serotyping8500   
3572201904HDL (Cholesterol)300   
3588518HDV RNA By Pcr (Qualitative)5500   
359852102HDV RNA By Pcr (Quantitative)9500   
360451203Helicobacter pylori Antigen (Stool)1500   
3613733876Hemagglutination Test For Echinococcus2000   
36261301Hemoglobin (HB)100   
363416143340Hemosiderin (Urine)2200   
3644594212Hepatitis B Profile1800   
365418153436HER-2 neu3000   
3665224707Herpes (HSV) IgG1800   
3675234708Herpes (HSV) IgM1800   
3685805054HERPES (HSV) PCR (Qualitative)8000   
370417821146HIV RNA by PCR (Quantitation)12500   
371419249004HLA 1 & 2 (Donor) HLA Tissue Typing28000   
372419259005HLA 1 & 2 (Patient) HLA Tissue Typing28000   
37394838HLA-B27 Gene13000   
3744124132Homocystine Level1500   
37510612355Homocystine Level (Urine)2200   
376417731818Human IGG-48200   
377414508017HVS For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
378731228Hvs For C/S1500   
379414748040Hvs For Gram Stain350   
380414568022Hydrocele Fluid For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
381415068072Hydrocele Fluid For AFB C/S2500   
382415078073Hydrocele Fluid For C/S1500   
383415458098Hydrocele Fluid For Cytology1500   
384414808046Hydrocele Fluid For Gram Stain350   
3854974602IgA (Immunoglobulin A)1500   
3865004605IgE (Immunoglobulin E)1500   
3874984603IgG (Immunoglobulin G)1500   
3884994604IgM (Immunoglobulin M)1500   
39010272322Immunoglobulins (Iga,Igg,Igm)4000   
391417416201India Ink Preparation400   
3938625564Insulin Growth Factor-1(Igf-1)3500   
3944054125Intact Parathormone (PTH)2000   
3958815553Ionized Calcium700   
397418444420JAK-2 Mutation By PCR9000   
398414758041Joint Fluid For Gram Stain350   
399925126Joint Fluid C/E1200   
400414948060Joint Fluid For AFB C/S2500   
401414518018Joint Fluid For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
4022732242Joint Fluid For C/S1500   
4032792246Joint Fluid For Crystals1500   
4045855059Ketone (Blood)200   
406415018067Knee Joint Fluid For AFB C/S2500   
407415028068Knee Joint Fluid For C/S1500   
408414528013Knee Joint Fluid For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
409415248090Knee Joint Fluid For Analysis C/E1200   
410414768042Knee Joint Fluid For Gram Stain350   
4112802247Knee Joint Fluidd For Cytology1500   
4125495023Lactate Level1500   
41310282323LDH (CSF)400   
41410292324LDH (Fluid)400   
4152131803LDH (Serum)400   
4162211905LDL (Cholesterol)400   
41784059LE Cell500   
4185825056Legionella Antibodies (Urine)5000   
419416783802Leptospiral IgG Antibodies3000   
420416793803Leptospiral IgM Antibodies3000   
4228922710Lipase (Fluid)800   
4233162716Lipase (Serum)800   
4242161900Lipid Profile700   
4254196515454Lipoprotein a12500   
427417023867Liver Function Test (Direct Bilirubin)800   
4281691500Liver Function Test (LFT)600   
42910322327Lupus Anticoagulant Abs5000   
431417941529Magnesium (Fluid)300   
4321111335Malarial Parasite (M.P) ICT200   
4332252100Mantoux Test (PPD)500   
43710352330Measels IgG1800   
43810342329Measels IgM1800   
43942009321Medical Audiometry Test & Eye Color Blindness1160   
440419611453MEDICAL FITNESS1500   
4415294804Microalbuminuria (24 Hrs Urine)900   
4425344813Microalbuminuria Urine (Spot / Random)800   
4432912256Milk Analysis1000   
444415038069Milk For C/S1500   
4452712240Milk For Cytology1500   
446414778043Milk For Gram Stain350   
447415678141Milk(Leftt) For C/S1500   
448415668140Milk(Right) For C/S1500   
4505034608MTB DNA by PCR8000   
4515705044Mumps IgG1800   
45210392334Mumps IgM1800   
4536199001Mycodot (IgG,IgM) ICT350   
4549543303Mycodot (TB) IgG (Fluid)2000   
4559553302Mycodot (TB) IgM (Fluid)1500   
4568063301Mycodot IgG2000   
4578053300Mycodot IgM1500   
458418325003Mycoplasma Antibodies (IgG)2200   
459418335004Mycoplasma Antibodies (IgM)2200   
460301130Myoglobins (Urine)2000   
4614414172Nasal Screation C/S1500   
46210622356Nasal Screation C/S1500   
463414658031Nasal Secretion For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
464414958061Nasal Secretion For AFB C/S2500   
465414908056Nasal Secretion For Gram Stain350   
4664634222Non-HDL Cholesterol600   
46810422337Opiates (Urine)1250   
4693723602Osmolality (Serum)1500   
470131104Osmolality Urine (Spot / Random)1500   
4718565558Osmotic / RBC,s Fragility1500   
472415888200OT CULTURE ( )1500   
4735865060Oxalate (Serum)2000   
474371147Oxalate Urine (Spot / Random)2000   
4753222804Pack Cell (Donor Name:1200   
4764201442014package 1200   
4773473503Pap Smear1500   
478417601919PAS Stain900   
479414628028Pericardial Fluid For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
480415518105Pericardial Fluid For C/E1200   
481415108076Pericardial Fluid For C/S1500   
482415098075Pericardial Fluid For AFB C/S2500   
483415448097Pericardial Fluid For Cytology1500   
484414868052Pericardial Fluid For Gram Stain350   
485417851366Peripheral Blood Film/Smear300   
486927129Peritoneal Fluid C/E1200   
487414548020Peritoneal Fluid For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
488934135Peritoneal Fluid For C/S1500   
489414968062Peritoneal Fluid For AFB C/S2500   
4902662235Peritoneal Fluid For Cytology1500   
491414788044Peritoneal Fluid For Gram Stain350   
49291010105Peritoneal Fluid Hematoma For C/S1500   
49310432338Ph And Reducing Substance (Stool)200   
4948441239Ph For Urine100   
49510452340Phenytoin (Dilantin)1200   
4962051706Phosphate (PO4)400   
497921311Platelet Count100   
499915101020Pleural Fluid C/E1200   
500414578023Pleural Fluid For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
501414978063Pleural Fluid For AFB C/S2500   
502932133Pleural Fluid For C/S1500   
5032372209Pleural Fluid For C/S1500   
5042422214Pleural Fluid For Cytology1500   
505414818047Pleural Fluid For Gram Stain350   
5062412213Pleural Fluid For Protein300   
50710472342Porphobilinogen (24 Hrs Urine)800   
5085955069Porphobilinogen Urine (Spot / Random)800   
510416774849Potassium ( 24 hrs Urine )300   
511417971532Potassium (Fluid)300   
512261120Potassium Urine (Spot / Random)300   
513418143435PR (Progesterone Receptor)3000   
5143313403Pregnancy Test Urine100   
5156301810ProBNP (N-t) II3000   
5164134136Procalcitonin (PCT)(serum)6000   
5183874107PROLACTIN (PRL) SERUM800   
519201113Protein (24 Hrs Urine)150   
5201941610Protein / Creatinine Ratio Urine (Spot / Random)400   
5215365010Protein Electrophoresis (Blood)1800   
5221901606Protein Urine (Spot)300   
525871305Prothrombin Time (Pt With INR)350   
5264744307PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)1500   
527414588024Pus For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
528414988065Pus For AFB C/S2500   
5299034620Pus For C/S1500   
530641221Pus For Cytology1500   
531414828048Pus For Gram Stain350   
532414618027Pus Swab For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
533415088074Pus Swab For C/S1500   
534414858051Pus Swab For Gram Stain350   
5357023440RA Factor600   
53691307RBC Morphology200   
537221115Reducing Substances (Urine)100   
5386941618Renal Function Test (RFTs)450   
5392262200Renal Stone For Chamical Analysis1800   
5411161347Rh Antibodies700   
5429839019Rhesus Antibodies1500   
5438545556RNP/Sm Antibodies2000   
544416403669Routine Culture Bile C/S1500   
545416333625Routine Culture For Eye Swab C/S1500   
5465164701Rubella IgG1200   
5475174702Rubella IgM1200   
548419121515SAAG (serum ascites albumin gradient)700   
549414648030Semen For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
550491207Semen Analysis C/E250   
551511208Semen For C/S1500   
552414888054Semen For Gram Stain350   
553415848100Sequestrum For C/S1500   
5548462028Serotonin (LabCorp)18000   
5551991700Serum Electrolytes700   
5561731504SGOT (AST)200   
5571721503SGPT (ALT)150   
5585535027Slide For Review Cytology1200   
55941599789451Slide For Review Histopathology2000   
5613503506Sodium (24 hrs Urine)300   
562417911526Sodium (Fluid)300   
5633513507Sodium Urine (Spot / Random)300   
5648665570Specific Gravity100   
565561213Sputum For AFB C/S2500   
5666311240Sputum For AFB Smear / Z.N300   
567531210Sputum For C/S1500   
568521209Sputum For Cytology1500   
569415718152Sputum For Fungus Smear1500   
570414688034Sputum For Gram Stain350   
571417682637Sputum Fungal Smear1500   
572691225Sternal Wound Swab For C/S1500   
573401200Stool For C/E300   
574415258091Stool For C/S1500   
575471205Stool For Clostridium Difficile Toxin3300   
5768162312Stool For Faecal Fat1500   
577461204Stool For Occult Blood500   
578415638116Stool for Protein Fiber500   
579441202Stool PH & Reducing Subs.300   
580415628115Sudan Staing for Stool1000   
5813613518Sugar Fasting (Urine)100   
5823633520Sugar Random (Urine)100   
583415825100Swab For C/S1500   
584417804455Swine Flu Virus RT-PCR (Quantitative)9000   
585926127Synovial Fluid C/E1200   
586414638029Synovial Fluid For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
587415138078Synovial Fluid For C/S1500   
588415118077Synovial Fluid For AFB C/S2500   
589415478101Synovial Fluid For Cytology1500   
590414878053Synovial Fluid For Gram Stain350   
5918784184Syphilis Serology (TPHA)2500   
59294434Syphillis (VDRL) ICT350   
5933814101T3 (TRI-IODOTHYRONINE) SERUM800   
5943824102T4 (THYROXINE) SERUM800   
597418943815Therapeutic (Phlebotomy)1000   
598414598025Throad Swab For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
599591216Throat Swab For C/S1500   
600414838049Throat Swab For Gram Stain350   
6014184714002Thyroid Antibodies2000   
602419384428Thyroid Complete Profile4800   
603417614949Thyroid Cyst Fluid For C/E1200   
6043804100Thyroid Function Test (TFTs)1800   
6054182141001Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPO)2000   
607415538107Tip For C/S1500   
608415608120Tissue For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
609415548108Tissue For C/S1500   
610419008169Tissue For C/S1500   
6115154700Torch Profile (IgG , IgM)7000   
6125074613Torch Profile (IgG)4500   
6134274157Torch Profile (IgM)4500   
61411106053Total Protein150   
615911310Total RBCs100   
6165184703Toxoplasma IgG1600   
6175194704Toxoplasma IgM1600   
6182282202TPN For C/S1500   
61991110106TPN For C/S1500   
620417754726Tracheal Swab Secretion C/S1500   
621417033810Tracheal Tube Secretion C/S1500   
622414538019Tracheal Tube Secretion for AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
6232572227Tracheal Tube Secretion for Gram Stain350   
6243172717Transferrin Saturation900   
62694030Troponin-I (ICT)700   
627419115201Troponin-I (High Sensitive)2000   
630415598113T-Spot TB Test7500   
6315835057Typhidot IgG1300   
6326209002Typhidot IgM1300   
6335264801Typhidot Test(IgG,IgM) ICT350   
6363543510Urea (24 Hrs Urine)200   
637415768147Urea / Creatinine Ratio400   
6381981614Urea Urine (Spot / Random)200   
639415698121Uretheral Swab For C/S1500   
6403102704Uric Acid200   
6413563512Uric Acid (24 Hrs Urine)300   
64210542349Uric Acid / Creatinine Ratio400   
6431961612Uric Acid Urine (Spot / Random)250   
644415428095Urine For Cytology1500   
64551100Urine C/E100   
646415788181Urine For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
647415858130Urine For AFB C/S2500   
6485885062Urine For Bile Pigment400   
649101101Urine For C/S1500   
650771232Urine for Gram Stain350   
651418511136Urine for Hemoglobin (Spot/Random)400   
652251118Urine For Narcotics900   
653416263555Urine For Rbc Morphology500   
6548427Urine For Reducing Substance500   
65594939Urine For TLC300   
6563533509Urine Sugar100   
65793929Valporic Acid (Epival)1800   
6595605034Varicella Zoster Virus (Chicken Pox) IgG ABS2800   
660416113336Varicella Zoster Virus (Chicken Pox) IgM ABS2800   
66241774397Venous Blood Gases (VBG S)1200   
6633914111Vitamin B121600   
6648195002Vitamin D31800   
665415128079Vitrous Fluid For C/S1500   
666415148080Vitrous Fluid For AFB C/S2500   
667414898055Vitrous Fluid For Gram Stain350   
668414678033Vitrous For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
6692231907VLDL (Cholesterol)400   
670171108VMA (24 Hrs Urine)2200   
671416758585Von Willebrand AG Factor2200   
67271302WBC (TLC)100   
673971317WBCs Morphology100   
6743042500Widal Test150   
675414608026Wound Aspirate For AFB Stain / ZN Stain350   
676417779011Wound Swab for AFB Smear300   
677930131Wound Swab For C/S1500   
678801235Wound Swab For C/S1500   
679414848050Wound Swab For Gram Stain350   
68010552350Zinc Level2200   
681416323624ZN Stain For Eye Swab (Left)350   
682416313623ZN Stain For Eye Swab (Right)350   
683761231ZN Staining350